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Originally Posted by The Nip View Post

The first link, Times, is an opinion, and hearsay. The second is the journalist making a headline because BJ did not answer a question. In no way did the PM state anything about refusing to resign. You can check the online video clip.

So, where is your factual evidence that the PM has stated he would refuse to resign? C'mon you are full of facts and have called many MPs out for spouting made up 'facts'. You detest all the lying Tory MPs.

Take your time!
Correct, I do detest all the lying Tory MP's and there's no shortage to choose from is there.

However, you seem more than resolutely adamant that, as Boris failed to give a direct answer, nothing new for Boris, then the media interpreted this as an indication he would refuse to leave after he failed, and he probably will given the antagonism towards him across the political spectrum, a "no confidence " vote this will not be the case.

There again, this resolute approach may not be entirely unrelated to that other favourite JB pastime...........having a go at a pinko lefty liberal Guardian reader...... such as me for example.
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