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Originally Posted by NoelEvans View Post
I am still trying to work out EU logic:

The EU insists that the 'backstop' has to remain in place "in order to protect the Irish border".

The 'backstop' has been rejected by the UK Parliament three times.

The EU insisting on the 'backstop' makes a 'no deal exit' most likely.

The UK leaving without a deal will give no 'protection' to the Irish border.

So, insisting on the 'backstop' is most likely to mean no 'protection' for the Irish border.

Do the EU know what they are on about?

I think the most coherent approach to this is that of the Monster Raving Loony Party who state that there will be no need for a backstop as they will have Alec Stewart as their wicketkeeper.
I'm still wondering at British logic. The backstop as requested by the British only kicks in if talks fail. Do the British know what they're on about?

Clearly not.

Also why is everyone pretending the backstop is the only reason the withdrawal agreement was rejected. Blame Paddy is natural English default but the reality is that even the Labour Party objected to parts of it which is a Tory document. Not EU, Tory.

Let's deal with the reality, in 2016 no one thought a hard Brexit was a possibility nor was it even a consideration. But here we are.

Does anyone think that a hard Brexit which is extremely damaging to Britain and Ireland and some damage to some EU countries which almost inevitably lead to the break up of the the UK is a good thing? Apparently yes it seems and the clown in number 10 is happy to risk this option.

No one voted for this. The insanity of it is clear.

One other thing, if the soon to be no longer United Kingdom leaves the EU by an anti democratic sleight of hand from the Johnson and his spin doctor Cummins. What will the rump that is England look like?

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