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I think it is absolutely legitimate to „stress about“ (= evaluate) the cost of what has become an „enter for shelter, stay forever, welfare for decades“ program and the cheating going on in the process: lying about persecution, lying about age, lying about identity. People friggin travel to their persecution countries of origin, and often so on tax money. The employment and crime statistics are ridiculous for some ethnic communities, in spite of free education. Half of Sweden’s social budget goes to non-citizens.

I strongly suggest you stop yourself from ridiculing the people who pay for all this for decades/generations (incl proper work immigrants) as „stressing over cost“.

That aside, with the world being what it is, it will NEVER be a sustainable solution to give permanent residence and welfare to all refugees and their entourage of migrants, in effectively a hand full of northwestern states. Permanent residence and refugee help (temporary!) must be seperated.
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