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One reason is that the Canadians (and the FAA) know you will get further training later in your career. EASA don't assume that and want you to know it all before you start. I don't have a big problem with that, but the implementation is the real problem - in fact it it an international joke. The ICAO limit is 150 hours, but Canada does 100 to stop people going to the US. And after all that, Canadian training (and examining) is better, having been through both systems. I know of at least two schools who get their students through the CPL checkride at 80 hours and fill in the rest with something more useful, like mountain flying or slinging. Their students are much more industry ready.

There are one or two schools in the UK who match up to them, but not many.

The rule is, if you don't need EASA don't do it.

Which school did you go to?
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