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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
Why not renegociate now ? What is the UK willing to sacrifice in order for the EU to sacrifice something in return ?
Why not now? Because the EU have said the current deal is not open for renegotiation. What is the UK willing to sacrifice? Nothing. I only spoke from a personal standpoint when I said I wouldn't object.

Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
In the last days, the UK will ask for a new delay (say 6 months) in order "to prepare and renegociate".
I don't know how familiar you are with UK politics, but Boris Johnson has staked his entire political credibility on delivering Brexit. To back away from that would probably destroy his career unless he can sell his party and our electorate a real, genuine possibility that the current agreement can be re-negotiated. And for that to happen, the EU will need to soften their position......... There's also a huge danger for him in hanging on, since his effective parliamentary majority is just 1 (One), and that's before you take account of the rebels in his own party. At the moment we will leave by default in which case can say "Job Done", but any further delay puts him at risk of a Vote Of No Confidence and a general election (which he is not certain, by any means, of winning).

Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
I'm afraid Europe is stuck for decades with this finicky and unreliable "partner", and the EU parliament will stay paralysed with everybody awaiting the new British episode.
The solution is very simple. Refuse any request from the UK for a further extension. And on 31st October you'll be shot of us.
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