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Originally Posted by Andy_S View Post
As a leaver, I wouldn't be against the idea of a limited extension if there was a real possibility of re-negotiating the current deal, but the EU are saying that's not going to happen and I simply don't think Johnson has the electoral arithmetic to get even a revised deal through the house. And he has staked a lot of credibility on actually leaving this time.
Another delay...
To re-re-negociate a deal...
Why not renegociate now ? What is the UK willing to sacrifice in order for the EU to sacrifice something in return ?

I'm afraid I already know what will happen by the end of October :
In the last days, the UK will ask for a new delay (say 6 months) in order "to prepare and renegociate". And nobody in Europe will stand and kick them out, so the delay will be granted.
6 months later, some PM will ask for "just another delay", then...

I'm afraid Europe is stuck for decades with this finicky and unreliable "partner", and the EU parliament will stay paralysed with everybody awaiting the new British episode.
And nobody in Europe with the guts to stand and say "enough, now you go"...

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