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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
How come ?
The UK political system seems a mysterious and complicated affair, even viewed from close neighbouring countries.
Isn't the government there to just do its job, rule the country, while the Parliament votes laws and important decisions ?
The government of the day said they would have a referendum on our membership of the EU, and most importantly that whatever the result was they would implement it. No if's, no buts - they would implement it. We had the referendum and we voted to leave. The UK population expected the MP's making up Parliament to implement that decision.

Now as you will have deduced I am a leaver, but I can see that leaving without a deal will be problematical for the UK and the EU - it is in both our interests to get a deal done for our mutual benefit. PM May got a deal, but it will not go through Parliament. Trying to get it though Parliament unaltered again is almost the very definition of "madness". So the new PM has decided to abandon May's deal. It is dead, completely dead. We will try and negotiate something different with the EU but the EU seems unwilling to think in these terms. Boris, and the UK have had enough - even you appear to have had enough, and so we will be leaving at the end of October. You are right, there has been too much pussyfooting around and it needs to be sorted.

I think back to the by-election we had only the other day. The Lib dems rejoice and say they want an election because they will wield real power and will stop a no-deal Brexit. But if we look at that result closer then there is something interesting happening. Yes, the 'LIb Dems' won it, but possibly only because the other Remain supporting parties decided not to stand. If you add up those who voted for Brexit supporting parties (Conservative and Brexit) and then add up all those who voted for Remain supporting parties (Lib Dems and let's assume absolutely 100% of those voting Labour thought they were voting for a remain supporting party) then the result looks somewhat interesting.

Since you posted you will have read some other opinions. Some say leavers have converted to remainers, personally and therefore anecdotally I have seen nothing to support this view. If anything I have witnessed an increasing will to simply leave, get out. So from my perspective, and again it is only my perspective the dithering over this is coming from the political class not the UK population as a whole. The decision to leave was made by the voting UK public, the decision to prevaricate is one wholly in the hands of Parliament who will not implement this Public decision. Blame them, not the UK.
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