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Originally Posted by HillaryCinar View Post

I found your post about the FlyTeam flight school in Hungary from this past January. It's now August 2019, I am looking into FlyTeam in Szeged; what did you end up doing for your ATPL? Did you go there, by chance? I received some details from them, but no mention of any simulators there and the price of training is suspiciously low. If you could share any further experience you may have had with them, I would be appreciative!

Hey, yeah I disregarded flyteam and went for pannnonair near Budapest for few reasons:
1- flyteam seemed suspiciously low priced compared to others and their atpl system didn't work for me
2- I found pannon air which are the authorized service center for Diamond aircraft (fly team's aircrafts gets serviced by pannon air) so you could imagine the aircraft maintenance and availability is top notch!
3- pannon air offer good hour building packages and it's near Budapest which works great for me (I fly from Dubai, take a transport to pannon air, hour build for few days and fly back from Budapest) unlike flyteam where I had to hire a car and drive long highway to get to nearly small city.
​​​​​​​Im still hour building in pannon going once a month

Hope this helps...
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