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Originally Posted by alicopter View Post
@Fly Airprt I would not try to make sense of this Brexit business. Most people around me (I spend a fair amount of time in the UK (Suffolk) and have lived and paid taxes there for about 30 years) and all the Brexiters I know voted Leave to give Cameron a kick up the "horse", all the while being persuaded Remain would win. Leave was an accident and all of them now are sorry and want to remain. A few opportunists like BJ and NF have seen an opening and are having a go at it but they themselves do not even believe they can be successful. You can actually "feel" it around, there is now a huge number of people, mainly the youngs (I have a 30 years old daughter and a 32 years old son and all their friends and relations will vote Remain when the next vote comes round, probably very soon. It's the same around the rest of the EU where populists have made themselves heard louder than usual but like Italy (look what's going on there!) and Eastern European countries, even Putin... they are on the way back to where they come from... Personnally, I am 100% sure the UK will never leave (even if I often think the rest of the EU would be better off without them... but after all, I do love around 50% of the British people I know and would be sad to see them leave, even more so the Irish and the Scotish) This is mostly an English tantrum... they'll get over it.
While there are ample examples of membership of the EU bringing positive benefits to life in the UK, our politicians have adopted a policy of maximum resistance to change, especially where cash has to be spent. Raising the standards of animal welfare, health and safety legislation, and general welfare provisions for the disadvantaged in society, are all very laudible but hit the profits of UK plc. UK politicians have spent the last couple of decades blaming the EU for their own shortcomings and resisted change by insisting on various opt outs and delays. The electorate are not fools, they can clearly see where the blame lies and it is not necessarily with the EU. The EU is used as a scapegoat by our inadequate leaders. By leaving the EU, UK politicians will once more become accountable to the electorate. No more passing the buck. Sure we (the people) would be happy to continue trading with the EU and enjoying many of the other benefits, but not at the expense of giving our politicians a get out whenever unpopular decisions need to be taken or enforced. If the UK is not prepared to dive fully into the EU, adopt the Euro and strive to achieve equivalence with the other first tier EU nations, then it is better to leave.
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