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Ryanair can blame Brexit and the MAX all they want, but it's not down massively to either of those. As we know Ryanair had people leaving up till a few years ago at a ridiculous rate hence why they have been recruiting like mad ever since. The IAA and IALPA mandated that they make a number of changes to pilot working conditions and pay. These changes of conditions mean people have stopped leaving, hence why they stopped applications for direct entry FO and Captains early this year. Now they have less aircraft for new pilots to go onto they don't need as many pilots. Simply put "supply and demand". Ryanair now don't need as many cadets so are delaying type rating courses (course 1909 for example). Will cadets promised with type rating courses actually get one in the new year? We simply don't know. I hope they do as friends of mine are part of those promised courses and they are some of the best new aviators I know.

In terms of the other recent posts. Loganair, is a really decent airline for a fresh CPL, MEP/IR student. The Embraer 135/145 is a hot ship and they do around 800 hours a year there. The pay is decent too at 31k for a new FO and a fully bonded 5 year type rating. The company is making a profit thanks to great work from their Managing Director Jonathan Hinkles. I believe they are getting rid of the Saab 340 and Saab 2000's soon and possibly replacing them with ATR's. "flying around Scotland"...yea sure mate. They fly all over the place and into some really interesting places. Also lots of Charter work for Football teams over the UK and Europe.

In terms of LOT, my experience of applying to them has been a complete joke. I attended their Careers day at Gatwick where only 7 people turned up!! After speaking to a member of their team who was very interested in my flight training in Poland and IR examiner (TRE LOT pilot) they asked for my CV and said that I should apply asap! I applied two days later and emailed the staff member I spoke to. The staff member said in front of everyone that it would only be two weeks from applying when I could expect a reply. I have not received anything since and it's been 4 months! I even tried to contact said staff member on Linkedin but they did not reply. My advice would be put an application in but don't expect anything to happen. Likewise with Air Serbia!

Have a look at SunExpress (Turkish contract), Eurowings, DHL, Flybe, Aegean, SkyExpress, EnterAir.

I firmly believe that the peak of the employment wave has passed and now, we as fresh new pilots are going into the older days of having to wait a year or two for the chance to sniff the inside of an interview room.

Good luck to everyone and keep the blue side up
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