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Originally Posted by SquawkID View Post
As is i said "i could imagine" and i don't know a thing, everyone in here is just having thoughts and by the Words of MOL, there will be people loosing their jobs. I dont know who are going to be the unlucky ones, but it looks like there will be some. I dont Panic and even suggested not to.
I didn't refer to you when i said not to panic, just people here in general. You're obviously well off with your new job, congrats on that! It's really not that bad place to be, as those rejected by Ryanair makes people think!
Every single year they scare people with layoffs, last year it was downsizing in Dublin, to move people over to Poland. Not a very cool thing to threaten with, but I'm willing to bet my job on that not a single person will get fired.
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