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That is a very poor chart - no way that $100,000 is "high household income" in the US. (Republican Mitt Romney, during the 2012 campaign, joked that the upper edge of the middle class was $5 million a year. )

That chart may be based on raw census data of how many households get how much - the definitions of high/middle/low are bollocks from the AEI (American Enterprise Institute - see lower right corner) - a partisan "rich people's" propaganda machine.

Leaving aside jokes, Romney put the upper edge of "middle-class" at $200,000 to $250,000 pa. Investopedia starts "upper income" in the US at around $187,800 depending on state (I agree with WC that geography matters):

And a household of 4 could feel "stressed" even at that level. "Stressed" is hardly the American Dream.

I think "comfortable middle class" means "able to pay median house mortgage" with 25% of gross income. Which means $71000 a year gross. Below that, the stress cuts in - until one is past the "high expenses" years (empty nest - age 55+). Median US household income is $59,039. Not good.
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