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Originally Posted by chuks View Post
"It's racist because you choose to interpret it that way." (That would be Trump's remarks about one part of Baltimore, one inhabited mostly by Blacks and represented by Elijah Cummings, that "no human being would choose to live there.

Here we have just been shown an image of Trump with two black icons, Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali, as if that were proof positive that Trump could not possibly be any sort of racist. If you want to zero in on just that image, ignoring Trump's long, disgraceful, and continuous history of racism, well ... that is your prerogative. When I look at the huge, steaming pile of orange-tinted crap that is Donald Trump then I see a racist, because, yes, I choose to interpret it that way.

Not that he is merely a racist! There is much, much more that is deeply wrong with Donald Trump. I would not want to sell the man short. Here, though, if we want to argue about Trump being a racist then how, West Coast, would you interpret what he said about that one district in Baltimore, that "no human being would choose to live there"?
(Keep in mind that it was not Baltimore as a whole that Trump condemned, but just that one district represented by Elijah Cummings. Or, as Trump would have it, Elijah Cumming. Dr. Freud, please call your office ....)
More likely the people who call just about everything as racist.

Did you see CNN the other day. They say that Trumpís use of the word infested/ infestation is racism against people of colour.

And you actually believe this kind of stuff Chuks?

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