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Originally Posted by brian_dromey View Post
Thats true, but there isn't any extra capacity being put into SNN at this stage - the 321 is, bar 4 extra Business Class, a 1-for-1 replacement for the 757. Unless yield and loads are dire and Dublin bursting at the seams I don't see a reason to fly half-empty A320s on flights between SNN and UK/Europe. SNN is based on O&D - any connections are gravy, but without decent yield O&D it will be very tough. Each and every decision is now answerable to Madrid, underperforming routes starve the entire airline of investment, not just SNN. IAG have many other options to place new A320/737s coming on-board. If they can make more money in Vienna with LEVEL on the side, than at Shannon with Aer Lingus thats where they will go. TD's be dammed.
do UA b757s not seat 170?
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