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“Embarrassing” on many fronts?

Originally Posted by Hotel Tango View Post
On many different fronts in fact! But I appreciate that this is an aviation forum so let's stick to that aspect. I understand that some of the storms over the London area have been particularly heavy recently. And contrary to what you said, I also believe that the New York area came to a grinding halt recently! So, it's not just the UK.
I’m sure that there are ATC delays across Europe either through equipment failure or the regular French/Spanish/Italian ATC strike so it is “embarrassing” that equipment fails from time to time? As you say, wx contributed...
yesteray a woman affected by rail problems on the hottest July day asked why they could run things on the continent without problems, ignorant of the fact that many European suburban trains were similarly affected. These things happen. Whinging “Poms” springs to mind. Give me a break
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