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Originally Posted by mike current View Post
Interesting how only last week people were describing ANS at Gatwick as "dodgy" because of an EFPS fault...
Itís NATS this time. Yesterday we ended up cancelling the flight after over 5hrs with pax onboard. First two sectors cancelled today. How is the UK perpetually so vulnerable to this?

Yesterday there was a total stop on departures in any direction from LGW, I appreciate that itís busy airspace, but when a CB rolls in over the Hudson, all NYC airports donít shut down. Same in Paris.

Today a radar failure has resulted in (at my count) 33 cancelled flights from LGW for my airline ALONE. What is the cost of that financially? Happens a number of times a year; surely thatís worth installing a little more redundancy? Of course I realise that it is not that simple, but I think we just get into the mindset that the London airspace is simply just too busy for there ever to be any solution!

We are just frankly an embarrassment here in the UK.
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