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Originally Posted by Taviator View Post
I have applied this year in march for Qatar FO 777/787.
A month later in april they invited me for the online tests.
Two days after I have passed that I was invited for the online Interview.
3 days after that I got an invitation to Doha, for 2 weeks later (end of april).
I rejected that date as I didnt have time to prepare nor to take any vacation, so I offered a date in end of june.
I went there and left on a thursday. On sunday I got the Yes and an immidiate offer for B787 Training starting in August (I needed at least 3 month notice so that didnt work out)
I called them and they offered me 6.10. as starting date and apparently that was the last one this year which was free.
I accepted and I am waiting for the written contract now.

So all in all, it wouldve probably taken, from application to training course start, less than 5 month!

I was there with some Airbus Captains which were told there was a waiting time of a year or more. So if youre airbus and not getting invited, that might be why.
Hi Taviator ,

It sounds true what you mentioned regarding the last training course available this year. I passed the interview last week for Boeing type-rated FO, I got the positive answer but have been placed in the holding pool.
I was a bit surprised as I know many people like you who got a date of joining straight away ! Seems like I will need to be patient....

Good luck
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