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Vag it is relevant to compare Australia with NZ. There are literally thousands of GA business opportunities in Australia if we could only unlock the sky by tearing up ridiculous over regulation.


- I have already asked why airports such as Mansfield, Bright, etc. are not summer gateways to national parks for hikers, deer hunters, skiers, etc. as country airports are in NZ and U.S. I’ve written in detail about this before.

- likewise seaplane services, Melbourne to the Gippsland lakes, Brisbane to the gold coast, Sydney to the south and central coasts etc.

- then there is air touring by dc3 or similar

- then there is massively expanded sightseeing tours everywhere.

- then there are the wine and food tours (I tried organizing one for some o/s visitors - 3 wineries and lunch by helicopter-all too hard)

- and that’s just a few tourism ideas.

Then there is the issue, already mentioned, of medical specialists traveling by air. (prohibited)

Then add air travel possibilities for technical specialists. (currently prohibited)

Then there are the need for unofficial milk runs to outback towns and farms (currently prohibited)

By “prohibited” I mean requiring AOC, thousands of pages of paperwork and other regulatory BS, that kill ideas before they can even be tried.

Just read PPRuNe about transporting a mechanic, a few tools and some spares. Do it to a schedule and you require an AOC. That costs $$$$ before you even start.

More ridiculosity, I can fly my aircraft to a specialist for propellor balancing, but he can’t chuck his gear in his aircraft and come to me without falling afoul of the commercial purposes rule.
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