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Originally Posted by ShotOne View Post
The issues covered by the backstop, important as they are, are by no means the only ones at stake. In fact the backstop comes down to a negotiating device to settle the issues important to one side before even discussing whatís important to the other. It now looks set to cause the very situation itís supposedly designed to prevent.
The backstop hasn't caused these issues, it's the extremists in the ERG, along with the bigoted dinosaurs from the DUP who have had the power as a result of Theresa May's poor judgment in engineering the general election in 2017.

The (likely) election of Johnson as Tory party leader will simply reverse the situation, so that the Tory "awkward squad" will be current or former remainers rather than leavers - the arithmetic in the House of Commons hasn't changed one iota, though it might become worse for the Tories on Thursday, and potentially yet worse a few months down the line of the (honorable) member for Dover gets his collar felt.
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