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Originally Posted by virginblue View Post
Very spot-on take on the backstop issue:

There is nothing to negotiate.

It iis simply a question of logic.

You cannot be outside a customs union and not have a border.

It is that simple. Really.

To suggest otherwise is like arguing the earth is flat.

And that is the really worrying pont here - that folks like BoJo are either too dumb to understand this very simple logic or too ruthless to let their ambition take the backseat in order avoid armageddon for businesses, farmers etc.
In your Guardian quote from Simon Jenkins he states:

”...Johnson must go at once to Dublin and promise its prime minister, Leo Varadkar, to safeguard an open Irish border, which means a de facto customs union, for the time being.”.

My bold. Surely this bolded phrase alludes to a time limited period, not an open ended commitment. If the back stop were time limited I think most MP’s would live with that, even the DUP. Jenkins is arguing with himself here.

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