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I know of no one who in any way associates it with immigration. They do, however, see it is as binding the U.K. into the customs union and single market, and hence observation of the entire EU Acquis and subordination to the rulings of the EUCJ.
I should have made my point with slightly less irony. As ATNotts has pointed out - and as this thread nicely illustrates - a lot of people think of free movement predominantly as free movement of people, whereas almost all that matters to the EU is free movement of trade and capital. Free movement of people may be of concern to Joe Public who wants to visit his auntie across the border or do some cheap shopping there without having to stop at a gate and showing his passport, but it is really the smallest fish in the Brexit pond from an economic perspective. I find it very unlikely that a no deal brexit will curtail free movement of people between the RoI and NI. But it will impact free movement of trade and capital. And that really is a ticking timebomb for NI.
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