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If there is a no deal brexit, there will be a "border". Not necessarily one involving gates and barriers. But gates and barriers are merely a symbolic issue and a question of inconvenience. What really matters are tariffs, checks of standards, heaps of paperwork, the possibility to export at all etc.
That's exactly the point. Even during the height of "the troubles" (daft name really for a civil war, but there we have it) movement of people across the border was essentially unfettered, whilst trade most certainly was not. And now, more than ever before it's trade that matters, and I for one just don't see where the UK (or most EU states) are going to find the resources in personnel in either the ranks of officialdom, or the ranks of the freight forwarding / customs brokerage sectors. The people and especially those with the expertise are simply not there - European trade has moved on in the last 25 years or so, and many of those with the expertise have long since retired.
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