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Not at all sure about that. For decades before either the UK or the RoI joined what is now the EU there were markedly different customs arrangements, duties etc between NI and RoI.
I appreciate your postings, they are generally very well sourced, but on this one you're not strictly correct.

I was working in the UK / Irish freight market from 1975ish through to the implementation of the EU singe market. During that time there were several differing systems operating, but there was definitely an internal EEC origin document (T2L) used for each and every shipment that crossed into the RoI from Northern Ireland, and trucks were stopped and groupage shipment cleared into the Irish Republic at Dundalk. if you used the short sea route from UK direct to Ireland (Dun Laoighaire or the Port of Dublin) then clearance was done at port, or if your truck was operating on a full transit (T2) procedure, at an inland clearance depot with Irish Customs control. I can vividly remember going with an Irish colleague to the very grand (colonial one might say) Customs House in Dublin to lodge entries.

Something along those lines is what we'll be back to if Johnson (or Hunt) really is daft enough to leave the EU with no deal. Though I absolutely concede that some form of electronic pre-entry sent from the UK groupage operator at departure may well speed up what was a somewhat arcane process. Things must have moved on a tad over the last 25 or so years!
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