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Overplayed or de-skilled.

Olster, I. Rather take exception to the Troll label , it is you who has started the name calling.

Anyhow back to the subject, flying is a perishable skill and the current fashion for avoiding hand flying the aircraft has its price and that is the loss of already poor flying skills in the airline business.

I regularly fly with people approaching command who have only flown three types of aircraft and have never gone beyond 70 degrees of bank. While being fine managers of an airliner their default opinion is auto flight.

As someone who flys a lot of different aircraft I have yet to try to land an airliner at SEP height but I might on reflection be forced to agree with you in that the average airline pilot has been parted from his (hers) flying skills by the current automation culture and therefore is no longer capable of flying more than one type of aircraft.
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