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This was some time ago in a predominantly long haul airline with a couple of A320s attached to a fleet of A340s, It did not go well due to the differential flare height between the two types and routinely hopping between the two aircraft. The Airbus fbw types have genuine synergy and it should be feasible but in those long distance common sense days it was abandoned as having too many risks mainly hard landings. Now we have the new breed of @rselicking managers who promote 737/787 MFF as though they have reinvented the wheel. Cost savings of course and you might have thought that Boeing would strive to prevent further risky operations in the light of recent events. Here’s an example: your 787 pilot now flying to Palma on the now renamed 7378200, how is he / she to deal with a malfunctioning MCAS event? The 737 has an archaic non normal paper QRH as opposed to a modern electronic system. Two completely different methods of non normal management separated by decades of technological advances. Also and finally to answer the ‘overplaying’ of MFF issues statement that is I believe in modern parlance trolling or as I prefer to say just plain stupid. We never learn.
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