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Originally Posted by Cornish Jack View Post
Individual efforts such as VP's are to be commended but will do little to raise public consciousness; the 'dimwits', however, have brought their cause to the population as a whole.
And have achieved what? How have their actions been of the remotest benefit to tackling climate change?

As far as I can see, the recent protests actually increased emissions (both through the protesters transport requirements and the gridlock created by the protests) and at the same time p****** a lot of people off.

The protesters, of course, will go home terribly pleased with themselves; in their own minds they are environmental guerrillas whose actions have successfully struck a blow for the cause of environmental awareness. And those who already sympathise will, of course, nod their heads in approval.

But the neutrals? Those who were caught up in the jams? Those who suffered inconvenience? The general public who will have heard the story about the man who was unable to reach his dying father? It's difficult to see how these stunts by ER will have won over anyone who isn't already a supporter.
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