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Originally Posted by rick_wants_to_fly View Post
Integrated CPL with Multi Instrument rating.

Sorry, my bad, bit of a typo there!

With regards to getting starts etc, everyone needs a start somewhere right? I would be willing to fly just about anywhere in Asia. Even China...

I wish you the best of luck but before you embark on a costly training program, do some research on entry level jobs. Cadet pilots at an airline would probably be the only way pilots in Asia get straight in to an airline after completing training for a basic CPL with multi-IR. However, cadet pilot programs are usually only offered to nationals, although Singapore Airlines might be opening up to non-nationals from what I hear.

Airlines in China have a large pool of national FO's from their own cadet pilot programs and will not take on an expat FO, except in exceptional circumstances (I only know of one guy who was a foreign instructor working in China and was offered a job at an airline 10 years ago. He was fluent in Chinese and may have had a Chinese wife as well). China does recruit expat Captains of course but all have had extensive experience as Captains before arriving in China. Don't want to disappoint you, but this is the reality of the industry. You'll need to do more of your own research in to this.
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