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Originally Posted by londonman View Post
Spot on. From my personal perspective, it's great having an airport only 20 minutes away by car! Getting down to London now is so.o.o easy. No longer a schlepp down the roadworks infested M6. Or sitting scrunched up for hours on end on a train.

I wish CAX and Loganair every success.

Oh, and EN will do just nicely to hop off elsewhere to Europe.

For the record, a 4.75m grant from the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership was secured to upgrade the runway and facilities in 2017.
I must say I agree , there is the sane attitude to DSA , several routes I once suggested my goodness you'd think I'd suggested 85 flights acweel to Murmansk , because I suggest Eg Budapest , and Paris for example , NEVER insax told, I suggested Flybe , and was told they would never every base at Doncaster bad it would ' dilute EMA' while they are cutting back we do indeed have a base u til winter , and after reading the plans for the new revamped operations, who is to say the decision won't be re etsed in future as numbers were and are there Dublin being the biggest loss. Imho hoping perhaps Loganair or Stobart step in to run that , as it was usually full the E175, so I doubt either would struggle to make a business case for that route, or Paris .
And as for Carlisle, I've mentioned here before, myself n partner got chatting and a tour of the airfield tower and museum , plus a quick peek on a second visit to the new terminal , but the first time , their airport manager greeted us , I explained I was very interested and supported it then being local .

He told us then that they had offered easyJet the same deal they gave them to start at Southend and hoped that they could get services running , Interestingly he also implied talks with Ryanair ( he said a certain Irish airline ), I asked was that the harp or shamrock, he said well not the shamrock .

Trouble is they would need to do some extra work and change anning, however Intersting easyJet hiring in an Ejet to help cover , but it could be a ' toe I. The water ' to perhaps look at capturing the market , for regional jets as Flybe ( Virgin connect ) switch to Dash8 only ops . Maybe they might look at the A220 but both would be ok for CAX under the current restrictions.
Like folk ha e said it's a new start, baby steps .
It is just far enough from Edi, Gla, Man etc for the likes of Galloway the southern borders , all of Cumbria , and the Lakeland area , though I'm.a bit surprised that no one had started regular business only flights from walney for the BAE systems type flights.
Like at Wharton.
Trouble is for CAX it's not easy to reach from Barrow, but likely still closrer than Manchester.
Still i.wish them luck .
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