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To put my last two posts in context..The later appeared on the 4th of this month, the former is today. Hence, take note the local news wanted a copy of the report to which the local Tyabb councillor has voted to keep secret. The Mayor should be in politics the way he winds his words together to make out the aerodrome is at fault. Note this! In the original permit, one of the original four items is to run an airshow to which the Shire receives a part of the profits. This is the reason, I would bet that only a secondary application is required. Reading the news feed of the local rag, this council is hell bent on stopping any industry Even to the point of taxing EVERY tourist that has the temerity to drive into the peninsula during and for holidays. (EDIT, A local councillor aspirant plans to do this) The council is against an LNG hub in a major shipping port of Hastings...Esso BHP has been operating a gas plant, stripping natural gas, Propane and Butane off the oil line from Bass strait for over fifty years...right next door to the AGL plan. They haven't said anything about a Chinese company wanting to build 17 huge windmills on French's Island..YET..Seeing as Bob Brown is now against them, one wonders if the woke community of Red Hill will also be against the French's Island plan.

The bottom line is the Shire, under Cr Gill, wants to control the aerodrome out of existence. PPR will be eventually care of the Shire office!

EDIT...On consideration, maybe that permit was the second one where the airshow was one of the twelve...

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