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Originally Posted by cerbus View Post

Yet by you you staying at EK you ARE approving of management actions towards its pilots. You are part of the problem.
I might be ignorant at times but to suggest this is happening worldwide is off base. Delta is demanding a 30% raise in their opener and this on top of their Industry leading pay rates to say nothing of their contract terms.
AA and QF will get nice raises too in the immediate future.
You are what you demand.
Not wanting to be seen to defend the company, since stagnant terms and conditions are a concern for us all at EK but if I may put your example into context Cerbus, QF, AA and DL all declared operating margins close to four times the size of what EK posted a few months ago in their 2018-2019 results (2.7%).

To those reading this and thinking of joining, bear in mind that EK is no longer the lean and efficient money making machine it used to be. You must take into account the very real possibility that future improvements to the remuneration package may be infrequent in nature, against a backdrop of increasing living costs in what is already an expensive place to live.
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