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Originally Posted by pabely View Post
Not so sure about that, Dubai maybe, unless LLA can get a 500m starter strip. The XLRs might get from US East coast direct to their bases in Eastern Europe, unless they do a stop in Luton.
Pretty sure Wizz and the Airport will be aware of this.The option of a starter strip is a possibility- just a look at the scoping documents currently with the planning Inspectorate shows land being earmarked as coming under the airport control at the end of 26
Also donít forget if, and itís still a big if, the airport does get T2 then who gets which Terminal.They are unlikely to split Easy or Wizz flights between both Terminals so as they are the dominant airlines at the airport will they get one Terminal each with the other airlines split between ? Plans show several stands for long haul at T2 so the airport are still keen to attract them.
Would a T2 have any kind of transit facilities? Would any airline at Luton need them?

Several years before the A321XLRs are delivered so anything could happen in the mean time.
One thing for sure is the airport isnít standing still, five years plus of a building site and doesnít look like stopping anytime soon.

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