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Amongst other things in the Ministers letter was an undertaking re CASR Part 91 on which AOPA has a submission in progress with CASA;

"CASR Part 91 will not progress until such time as CASA has fully addressed this submission"

Pretty fair bona fides I would think.

I do not personally believe that what you so ineloquently call the "two finger exercise", was intended nor constructed as "high handed, arrogant even dishonest behaviour".
The person responsible actually owned up, apologised for what was an honest error and bent over backwards, not forwards as you would have it, to remedy the matter.

I don't recall anyone ever actually "winning" a war and of course we all know you win the hearts and minds by putting the boot in. You should know how succesful that has been and anyway if that fails you can always run away.

Warfare? Geeez, what a sad bunch of bulls hit is that as a concept when dealing with people.

Regulator person;
"Of course I'd love to consult with you re this Reg so that we can move on, but a little admin matter first, now which nut would you like to kick this time?
I would actually rather you have a go at the right one as you really did the left one in last time.

OK,? you agree then, the right one it is, then let's get on with it shall we, I know, it's not personal .........."
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