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Accessing CTOT data

With the growing number of airport operators using A-CDM, this in turn has seen an increase in the use of various online interfaces and smartphone apps created by these airports, where data such as TSAT and CTOT can be quickly checked. This reduces the dependency on getting such information from elsewhere and especially whilst on the flight deck. Registering for such apps is often an easy process using a corporate email address or in the likes of EHAM, no prior registration is actually required.

Without needing all the full functionality that the NOP provides, will we ever see Eurocontrol embrace technology and create a means where one can quickly check CTOT information instead of contacting ATC/company/handling agent at airports where the information is not as freely available? A smartphone app where you simply entered your callsign and the response would simply be your CTOT (if applicable) could be helpful in many situations. I suspect it could also cut down on R/T loading as well.

If security issues were such a problem then we would not see the proliferation of such data being made available by more and more airports using smartphone technology, so what is stopping Eurocontrol from doing something similar?
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