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Originally Posted by WingNut60 View Post
I worked for a large Japanese corporation who were absolutely anal when it came to system security following a major intrusion that was perceived as a shameful failing; the type that has people leaping off tall buildings.
They would not touch any new release software and only moved away from XP for employee laptops when Microsoft finally pulled the plug.

Internally, they had several divisions developing software, one of which divisions alone employed more than 2000 people classed as "programmers".
Our IT people at work were similar, we always ran pretty old versions of everything, as the view was that they probably knew about most of the bugs in the old stuff. The same goes for lots of public sector organisations, I believe. IIRC, large parts of the NHS were still using XP a couple of years ago, when the WannaCry virus attack happened. My guess is that they would have been paying Microsoft loads of money for extended support.

Having said that, a few weeks ago I noticed that one of the self-service checkout machines in our local supermarket had crashed. It was still running Embedded Windows XP (the screen showed the standard XP desktop, rather than the supermarket screen). Interesting, given that these machines are internet connected and operate card reader machines for payment.
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