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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
Agreeing to the terms and conditions grants Microsoft the right to look at any file you open on your machine, be it an email, spreadsheet, document or whatever. As soon as you open any application, Microsoft has the right to collect data from that application, even down to logging keystrokes from your keyboard if they wish.

That means that everything that appears on your screen, including your contact list, file listings or whatever can, in principle, be accessed by Microsoft. Whether they do access all the data they have a right to I don't know, I suspect that data telemetry is fairly limited to stuff they can make money from, or use to improve the way their stuff works (from their perspective, rather than the users).
There must be some other constraints on what they can access and use, surely.

While individual users may provide tacit agreement to them accessing their data, I can't see major corporations or government bodies agreeing to such conditions (access to data) as a condition of use of either the operating system or applications.
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