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Originally Posted by Pickuptruck View Post

The problem is CX pilots want full time pay for minimal work.
I think this is wholly incorrect; CX pilots don't mind putting in the work for adequate compensation.

Problem is CX wants to be able to put people on a string for POTENTIAL work -- 'on call' or 'standby' or whatever you want to call it -- and not pay for it. And also be able to switch around trips (without penalty) without any input from the operating pilot. As to minimize THEIR costs with no guarantee, compensation, or recourse by the crew it affects.

This has served no one well. The company continues to collapse their own rosters and has no idea how to flow out or long term allocation of resources for maximum productivity at minimum cost. You have an hours driven process; not a days driven process. It's not a standard office job. Ideally the company pays for 900 hours per year (within FTL and contractural constraints). The major problem is there is no penalty for holding someone on a string (used or not) and for completely collapsing what should be a stable, planned, 'owned' roster. It's a one way street. In time, this breaks the assets you need to operate the machinery. And makes other leave for greener pastures.

The net result is wild swings into overtime, unfit crew, increased costs, and decreased productivity.

It's an old adage that some of the most expensive things are 'free' and that by being a cheap bastage you often wind up paying a great deal more than you otherwise would need to.
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