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Maybe you should write it up, force Boeing to come out with a new SOP.

Or maybe things have improved over 'decades'.
Or maybe Boeing decided in their wisdom that an occasional fault does not warrant the added complexity and forgotten APU starts.

I appreciate what you're saying, but the byproduct, as you clearly see in this thread, is that you leave your FO's confused. And when they become captains, they will pass that confusion on to the next batch of FO's, citing warming up times and mechanical sympathy.

I occasionally see a clear example of this when young FO's on my Airbus refuse to select flaps directly after lowering the gear, parroting the 'mechanical sympathy' line, based on an SOP from an earlier version of the Airbus they never flew. The SOP changed before they were born, but some captains decided to stick with it, and voila......
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