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Originally Posted by Blues&twos View Post
Charliegolf - detonators are strapped to the railhead and explode with a very loud bang when a train goes over them. This is to alert the driver to stop, not to warn the trackworkers. These clearly can't be used on a track still fully open to traffic, except in an emergency.

There are a number of modern electronic/radio systems which can be used now to alert trackworkers, but I assume there are criteria for using each type. Sadly, even on quiet, relatively low speed branch lines being hit by a train means time off at the undertaker.
It’s interesting to see our how our railway’s procedures differ. We still use detonators when the road is open in conjunction with either a Track Occupancy Authority or a Track Work Authority. And just last month I had a long walk in the dark and the pouring rain to put some down to protect my train after an incident...

We’re also rolling out the use of wireless automatic track warning systems - the Protection Officers I’ve spoken to are very keen on these.
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