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Originally Posted by tdracer;10510074...hearing protection can actually make it [i
easier [/i]to pick up a 'new' loud noise - such as an approaching train.
Based on my own experience, Iíd say no, it doesnít. Apart from anything else, the approaching train often isnít making a loud noise.

I once had to isolate the whistle on a loco we were trialling after a rebuild. The iso cock was right next to the whistle, which was blowing continuously, so I was wearing ear defenders. After Iíd isolated the thing I was walking back to the cab in the six-foot, still wearing the hearing protection, when one of our XPT passenger trains passed me on the other road at a good 120 kmh. It was on a rising grade and motoring, yet I didnít hear it at all. The first I knew about it was when it passed me in a cloud of dust and diesel fumes.

There was another time when I got out of the loco to check for a hotbox and almost got cleaned up by the following train. Again, it was doing track speed, but I didnít hear it until it was on top of me. I was close enough to it that I had a smudge of brake dust on the end of my nose where I made contact with the cab handrails as it went past. Thatís as close as I ever want to get to a moving train.

So in my opinion you never rely on just hearing the train to stay alive
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