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Yep indeed when it goes Pete Tong it really does in high season - not something you want when you already have a dozen ACMI airlines on your books to cover the 9 MAX's

BOH has taken a bit of a Tech pounding, but it seems many TUI bases are affected with delays and AOG's

From AVHerald Incident: Titan A320
operating for TUI flight BY517
Mayday near Bordeaux on Jul 5th 2019, engine stall

A Titan Airways Airbus A320 on behalf of TUI Airways, registration G-POWM was enroute at FL360 over the Bay of Biscay about 100nm northwest of Bordeaux when the crew declared a Mayday reporting they were descending due to an engine (IAE V2527) stall. The aircraft diverted to Bordeaux for a safe landing on runway 23 about 35 minutes later.
A listener on frequency reported the crew called Mayday due to an engine stall and reported they were descending. After working the checklists they requested to divert to Bordeaux.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Bordeaux about 31 hours after landing.

So Titan then have now try to cover the AOG of this one for the TUI contracts....
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