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Flying always been a hobby for me as have a business outside aviation. Had a break from aviation for 6 years but renewed ratings licenses last year. The change on returning is quite unrecognisable better conditions feeling valued etc, will it last probably not but I donít see many instructors coming through the system. Flying pay has increased, I went for interview at commercial flight school as SEP CPL instructor and have accepted , part time employed contract salary is extremely reasonable for the role, together with all benefits you would expect from employment.

As my Wifeís says you are getting paid to do something you love, little bit more productive then sitting on your flight simulator at home pretending to be working !

Can it last until I retire in a few years hopefully.

Aviation is the hardest industry I have ever been involved with, itís extremely hard nosed and I admire ex students of mine who have endured it to obtain some good jobs but global downturn which is approaching 2020 2021 will have an impact on many things I feel so I will not completely trust aviation to provide stable income for the long term especially not at my age it can all change in a heart beat.

But for now times are good.
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