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I can sense how you guys are talking me into it, haha. But thatís great really. I like to get rid of worries... tend to worry too much.

Itís not a very expensive island called ∆rÝ, Baltic Sea, market rate would prob be around 130.000Ä? The cabin is 12 years old and replaced the original house the family had there since the early sixties.

Given the 0,5% fixed loans atm we would probably keep our savings and get a loan, so it is definitely not a money problem. Just practical worries, due to inexperience. But I wouldnt want to buy cheap from them just to make the profit they could have had. The family price is for family use, I think. If I knew we wouldnt get all-in, I think it would be fair to ask other family or let the old folks sell full price.
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