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Originally Posted by david_rob1995 View Post
For info for anyone who hasn't completed the assessments yet. I doubt I performed well enough to warrant selection to the interview process so I'm happy to share what it was like so that those of you as desperate to achieve your career as me can get their best possible shot. I'm not fussed about how competitive it is, just want you folks to do the best you can:

Personality tests sort of are what they are. As the old cliche's go, answer them truthfully and honestly, if you try to cheat them you will get found out as there are a number of repeat questions that are essentially the same but worded differently. I just answered them instinctively, if they come back saying you don't have the correct personality to forge a career in this field then it is probably worth taking on-board.

If any of you have not prepared, I would recommend putting some last minute hours into PilotAptitudeTest or something similar as a lot of their testing software was similar to what came up in the assessments. They are tough but fair.

The numeracy tests are a very fair assessment if you have brushed up on your mental maths. I had admittedly not been up to speed due to my work commitments but two weeks of solid revision got me into a position to be able to answer them (I think/hope) to a reasonable standard. If you are up to speed with your quick mental maths then you should be fine.

The video interview questions were a tad surreal. Having focused my energy onto the psychometric and numeracy/maths elements in the past couple of weeks I probably was not as well versed as I should have been. However, have a rethink of a few points to elaborate on the questions are more than fair. (As a minor point, I went for an open collar Oxford shirt, not too formal, but enough to show I cared about appearance)

It's probably been said before but the best advice that can be given is to try and relax. The tests give you every opportunity to succeed.

I think my performance was a little bit short of the mark, but to all of you who get through, very best of luck as this seems like a world beating opportunity.
what sort of questions where involved? Particularly Maths?
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