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Originally Posted by deltahotel View Post

Out of interest does BA have a contractual annual Days free of Duty total? (Leave plus OFF days).

No, not as such..in basic terms for guaranteed days off you have your 4 weeks leave, plus ,if you opt not to work in them you have a handful off wrap ( buffer) days associated with the leave,, plus 2 Duty Free weeks, and up to 6 Golden days you can also opt to take. Outside of that It's down to EASA.

How far in advance is the roster published?
20 days. For example August's roster should come out 11 July.

Once published can the days worked be adjusted without consent?
General answer would be no, but there is an minor element of "it depends"....if a trip is cancelled before you leave base then depending on circumstances you might be expected to be available for a replacement trip that covers the days of the original trip plus one day. Once you've left base you pretty much have to suck up any changes and accept any extra days worked - which I guess is pretty universal.

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