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Hello all

i visited in January, passed the tech quiz but ultimately fell foul of my logbook format. 3ven though I had way more hours than were necessary it wasnít in the format they wanted. My previous employer had put the PF as P1 on logten pro and this was one of the small irregularities that ultimately got me sent home.

So itís six months later and Iím about to rewrite by hand some of my logbook and get printed professionally my previous employers logten pro material. Question and assuming Iím an FO what do they look for as a format ie if Iím flying, and of course if Iím the captain but the FOs flying again what are they looking for. I know I was a smuck for ruining that application, but Iíve e got friends currently already out there who are also now having the same things brought up amazingly.

any help much appreciated.

Did you apply for a Capt position or FO?

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