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Saw some Navy Times reporting on this case this morning....for those who are interested in some details about the issues of Prosecutorial Misconduct and quality of investigation done by NCIS....do a bit of googling for "Navy Times" and "Gallagher Case" or "Gallagher Trial".

It makes for some interesting reading and does not portray a very image re the administration of justice by the US Navy Jag Corps or the impartiality of the NCIS Investigator in charge of that effort.

In my days....lighting and the wrath of God would descend from the heavens if you were seen to be taking a position on the. matter(s) under investigation......that prerogative was reserved for Headquarters.

Even then....when that happened it was very bad Karma as it warped the system and caused very bad outcomes.

I look back to the USS Iowa Turret Explosion case, the SEAL Team 6 Fraud Investigation, and the US Marine Corps Russia Embassy Security Guard investigations as examples of why Investigators must remain impartial and be reporters of facts and the truth relating to an event, occurrence, or situation.

The facts and evidence should drive the "theory" and not the other way around

One example....we were tasked to confirm an Alibi just as much as we were too dis-prove it and duly report the results of our efforts in either effort.

We turned our Report of Investigation (ROI) over to the Commander responsible for the individuals or situation....leavig them to decide what to do with the information provided.

I see a lot of problems with the way the Gallagher Case was investigated and prosecuted.
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