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Originally Posted by GomuGomuPilot View Post
Hey guys, i will give you the full story so far and ask a qustions later hopefully someone might have the answer for it. Thanks in advance.

I applied for NTR FO SXS through OSM aviation group. They asked for my documents after that the send me a email saying they are checking my docs, next step is a phone interview(no time period was given).
I got a phone call around 5 days later asking bit about me then asking me if I've been to Turkey before, I said no but I did do the research before I applied and told him about it.
He told me sunexpress told him to ask two qustions to me.
1. What do I think of Companys SOP?
(followed with what will you do in a situation if there is no SOP for a situation you are in)
2. What do i think of CRM?
He told me straight I have successfully answered his qustions and he will move my application to next step.
after 15 days or so i received an email from OSM aviation saying my phone interview was successful and I have to go to SXS website and make another application with them. With that email it includes what SXS recruiting method is suche Online exam, sim assessment, and final interview.

I went to SXS website and filled in their online application form. I got a response from them next day asking for my documents. I send all the documents they need within 2hrs. They send me back asking for hightschool diploma certificate. I send them my high school certificate which in UK is A-level certificates. Since then I didn't get any response back from them.

Thank you for reading the long back story. So here is my qustions.
Is A-level (end of high school in uk) is good enough or do they take some time before they respond to me.
I am asking this because its been a week now, From what I see SXS responded almost within a day from I but I didn't hear anything back from them and its been a whole week so far (i know it's not long when it's coming to recruitment process). I will be keep waiting but if anyone know let me know. or if they send a rejected application email?

Thank you.
Hey GomuGomu,
Thanks for your feedback,
Just got the phone call as well, and the questions were just the same.
Passed it as well, going to the next step : online english test.
Let you know !
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