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Originally Posted by skysx33 View Post
Hi all,

what about F/O sakary on GL fleet ?
what about upgrade to left hand seat ? It's based on seniority ? Experience ? How long it might take ?

Am considering leaving major airline Capt big aircraft for 17/13 contract

FO Salary Global 48000 EUR / Year. But you start with 45000 EUR / year until 6 months after you have passed your final line check = Office week + Type Rating + Base Training + Line training (depending on how lucky and good you are expect around 2-4 months) + Final Line check + 6 months @ 45 000 EUR. So in reality around a year before you will see the "big money"....

Upgrade was strictly seniority based for FOs. The trick is to not join as a First Officer at all. Join as a DEC if it becomes available again. Joining the Global fleet now will lock you in the FO seat for at least 5 years. VJ has an order of Global 7500 that might arrive next year but even if they forced all FOs over to the 7500 you would not reach a command position before the expansion finish. After the 7500 deliveries it won't be any more expansion, at least what is known for now. It means FOs will never reach a command position unless people leave, and historically it has been mainly FOs leaving so the waiting time would be long. Probably quicker command at Netjets at the moment....
Experience..... I think you needed 4500 hours total time to be considered for command.

Why would you leave a major airlines as a captain for Vistajet as a First Officer?
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