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According to the BBC's Katya Adler, that could not be an option anyway. She reports that the negotiating, signing etc were all done by the EU Commission. That is now finished. The only option now seems to be via EU national leaders. Who can imagine Boris setting up appointments with 27 heads of state, conducting 27 sets of negotiations and getting said 27 heads of state to agree anything?
I think you are confusing negotiation over the WA and a request for an extension.

The Commission is delegated authority to negotiate, so a renegotiation would logically only be done after 2nd November - which would require an extension.

An extension is solely in in the hands of the 28 heads of state in the EU Council. These can be assembled at 24 hours notice, as was done yesterday to finish choosing the new Commission heads. Note it is 28, the 27 cannot grant an extension without a request by the executive (PM) of the nation involved.

It is uncertain if all the 27 would grant another extension, at least without conditions such another referendum, and the length would be their choice. The are suggestions that, for budgetary and parliamentary reasons, some would insist on a minimum of another full Commission/budgetary 5 year cycle. There is also the chance that, because of the Brexit party and the newly elected MEPs unable to take their seats, one or more might say no anyway.

However, assuming a request was made, and no demands made, the EU Council could theoretically offer an extension of a few months to allow negotiations with the new Commission.

For the reasons laid out earlier, however, I consider a request unlikely, conditions probable and a refusal to accept them certain.

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