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Welcome to aviation (unfortunately), and the competitive nature of the game. I wouldn’t get beat up (or hung up) on age. Move on before it drains all of your energy.

If you’re willing to move into GA regionally after you get your CPL, I would say this is your best bet given your circumstances (my opinion only). Instructing is also another option, but if the GA industry is going firm, you’ll get ahead quicker by getting out of the big smoke (again my opinion).

Start establishing a relationship with an operator of your choice now, so that by the time you are qualified, you have a decent shot at your first gig. Networking is everything.

GA is a perfectly acceptable pathway for people in different life stages, and I don’t regret my 5 or so years in it (trust me it goes pretty quick). You meet so many different people and see a lot of this great country, needless to say that first turbo prop and first jet job taste all that much sweeter!

It sounds like a bitter pill to swallow, and it is! Rip that bandaid off quickly...then you won’t look back!
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